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Most frequently asked questions:

How is Dissolve the Box (DTB) going to help organizations?

Individuals are the basic unit of any organization. And thought is the basic unit of response for the individual. If this thought is limited, infected and polluted, so will be the individual and, in turn, the organization as a whole – be it the family, team, company, country or humankind.

LFEAD is the root cause for all pain areas leading to all organizational bottlenecks, constraints, limitations, process leakages, wastages, underperformance or infertile organizational culture. It is the culprit behind lack of creativity, team spirit, motivation, coping mechanism, fertile organizational culture and the list is long.

We believe that all organizational bottlenecks and constraints are because of some process failure. But if we go deeper we will realize that this process failure is in turn because of the LFEAD of an individual, or a group or the management itself. It’s time to address the root cause of all the problems and not only address them at the superficial level or in a narrow manner.

Is DTB practical?

DTB is powered by the designing intelligence of 15,000 years and much more, influencing everything – individuals, civilizations, countries and corporate entities across the globe, guiding the present and shaping the future! It is practical in the short, mid and long term as it is in sync with the grand design of the universe. Limited external growth that seemed practical to many is proving to be empty, irrelevant and impractical in the mid or long term. Only inclusive and sustainable growth is the lasting solution from here.

Is DTB influenced by the Western or Eastern thinkers?

DTB is universal in intelligence, relevance and application. It purges Eastern spirituality of its dogmas and rituals, making it more practical. On the other side, it adds sense, soul and purpose to the empty “growth on steroids” caused by vulgar industrialization and economic dominance.

How is it different from what creative thinkers like Edward de Bono have recommended?

DTB is a way of life and is not limited to creative thinking. Creative thinkers have added the additional element of possibility in the entire thinking process which was earlier missing. But what’s more important is the direction, purpose and relevance of the thinking process with respect to the whole.

What is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of DTB?

Unlock value which is unnecessarily tied up by the Gang of 5 internal villains. It has huge cost and profit implications as the unnecessary frictions give way to seamless integration to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth objective.

Sharma even makes thinking out of the box passé. He advocates dissolving all boxes, reclaiming and repositioning thought patterns, while tuning into the Universal law of Intelligence to achieve objectives.

Business Line

The Hindu

Thanks for introducing us to the unique concept of ‘dissolving the boxes’. The book offers simple yet effective framework for better living.

Nimesh Kampani

Chairman & Managing Director, JM Financial Limited

It is a new approach to achieve the excellence in life.

C P Tripathi

VP – CSR, Bajaj Group