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DTB takes a comprehensive top-down and bottom-up approach by addressing the Gang of 5, providing organizations with the competitive advantage which is not easy to be imitated by others. DTB is the strategy or the way of life that will provide the escape velocity to evolve to the next level of excellence.


We introduce DTB in phases to at least 20% of the people who then act as the key driver for the rest, taking the strategy deep into the organization and make it the “way of life”. We follow the discovery learning method where the individuals and teams will discover their true leader hidden within. In order to drive the idea practically deep down we use a lot of activities, case studies, videos, animations, tools, frameworks and of course a lot of interaction. The self-actualization tools provide very interesting insights individually and cumulatively for practical actions. This helps in bringing real and tangible changes on the ground.

DTB Session

  • As a first step we introduce the DTB session to a pilot group of around 25 people for 2-7 days (basically decision makers).
  • We then measure the internal villains of the participants and show them how it is holding them back affecting their personal, professional, social, economic and political life.
  • Show the participants how they fall in this trap
  • Introduce the DTB framework
  • Help the decision makers dissolve their boxes
  • Put DTB to work in their day-to-day life for small wins encouraging them to take it further
  • Make them the change agent for the organization to drive it deep down for bigger wins

Based on the pilot projects, our learning through it and the requirements of the organization, we design an organization-wide plan to bring about a paradigm shift by dissolving all the walls, constraints, bottlenecks holding the organization back. This makes the organization culture more fertile and ready for the hot, crowded and the dynamic flat world.

The “as is” situation and also the “to be” situation is measured to identify the Gap we intend to bridge. This change is the value addition of DTB and it is measured through our scientific tool called GOLFCUP.

The organization-wide plan will be executed through 20% of the key drivers to bring about a measurable change. This requires a continuous follow-up from our side and of course the commitment of the top management.


“Jaago, Khud ko Azaad Karo!”, which means “Wake up and set yourself free!”


“Identify and drive out the Gang of 5 internal villains called LFEAD for real freedom!”


"Reach out to 20% of the world by 2030 and at least free them from their LFEAD by 5%."