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The purpose of writing this book is to tap our latent Intelligence and energy that has been going unused for ages just because you and i* are mentally boxed. (In the context of this book, a box is an imaginary mental construct that represents compulsive repetitive and regressive thought patterns that we are shut into, and that holds us back and cuts us from universal intelligence.) And it is very important to release and use this vital intelligence and energy for a better life and a better world. I invite you to join this fundamental movement because only you can free yourself. No one else can do it for you. Get ready for this journey full of adventure, passion and, above all, the real freedom that is so vital to you and me.

* “I” is consciously used in lowercase in all running sentences as i believe too much energy is being invested in addressing “I” and too less on “you.”

Genre: Self Help/Business
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
First print: May 2014
ISBN : 978-81-8495-554-5
Number of Pages: 206

The DTB Framework puts forward a clear step-by-step guide to live, grow, lead, create and act. It takes freedom to the next level and gives us our real freedom back! Take the plunge and taste the difference.

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Next What’s In is a perfect launch pad for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that you have always dreamt of and deserved. It touches upon your aspirations, concerns and curiosities in the personal and professional lives. You are the protagonist of this real life account. Next What’s In challenges the stereotypes and clichéd ideas and introduces the concept of “dissolving the boxes,” testing the prevailing “thinking outside the box.” It is about simple solutions for a better and vibrant life.

Next What’s In presents the art of designing thoughts and solutions. It provides you the opportunity to break all established myths about yourself, religion, science, life and management. It connects you to the dynamic god who’s friendly, smart and helpful unlike the static god whom you keep begging.

Most of you have become like the lion growing among a herd of lambs, wanting to be a sheep. Thinking out o f the box can only help you to be a better sheep but, will still hold you back. Dissolving the box reveals your real identity, not just of the lion, but much more. What? Explore and find out. It’s time for you to lead the new age freedom movement. Next What’s In will be your friends in every twist and turn in this hot, crowded and dynamic world.

Reclaim yourself, reposition and be a natural leader.