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India Vision 2018

India got its physical and political freedom in 1947 from the British Raj. This freedom was from the villains outside. Just like 1947 we need to start another new age freedom movement, this time from the villains within. We need to free ourselves from our mental cages created by the Gang of 5 internal villains. And unlike India this time the entire world is suffering from it. This internal freedom is much more relevant, way too intelligent and far more important than the physical and economic freedom. It is because we export this slavery in each of our thoughts and expressions 24 by 7 and suffer. Of course the tools, objective and the approach is going to be different. We cannot fight, ignore or suppress these villains. We can only Dissolve them.

We call it Freedom U.0 because You are at the centre of this movement and since we have just started, the version is 0. Half freedom makes not much sense. This is the real freedom for You.

These gang of 5 are the root cause of all personal, professional, social, economic and political evils infecting the world. Issues like corruption, crime, rape, suicide, discrimination, terrorism and so on in the social front and underperformance, bottlenecks, constraints, wastages, office politics, low coping mechanism, motivation and team spirit in the professional area are some of the offsrings. Let’s address the root cause and address the issues comprehensively and not separately only at the superficial level.