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The DTB Framework puts for- ward a clear step-by-step guide to live, grow, lead, create and act. Take the plunge and taste the difference.

  • Don't Divert the problem. Solve it.
  • Manage pressure, stress and anxiety levels more effectively.
  • Get clarity of thoughts and expression. See deeper, wider and faster into situations.
  • Create a more potent and fertile culture in your domains.
  • Prepare the ground for lasting relationships to exist and grow.
  • Benefit from getting the best out of limited resources.
  • DTB helps in designing strategies and in making and implementing decisions.
  • Work for world realization through self actualization.
  • Better emotional and physiological health by improving immunity and coping mechanism.

Don’t think outside the box, think as if there is no box

Oprah Winfrey

Media Proprietor

Sharma exhorts the reader to leap beyond the truisms that shackle his creativity.


The Wall Street Journal

Sharma even makes thinking out of the box passé. He advocates dissolving all boxes, reclaiming and repositioning thought patterns, while tuning into the Universal law of Intelligence to achieve objectives.

Business Line

The Hindu