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We identify and drive out the Gang of 5 internal villains. The Gang of 5 internal villains - LFEAD stands for:

L - Limited understanding of self, this gives rise to
F - Fear hidden within, this triggers the
E - Ego, which further gives rise to
A- Attachment and this ultimately gives rise to
D - Dominant mind that is compulsive and repetitive in nature

LFEAD is the root cause for all pain areas. LFEAD leads to all organizational bottlenecks, constraints, limitations, process leakages, wastages, underperformance or infertile organizational culture. It is the culprit behind lack of creativity, team spirit, motivation and so on. We believe that all organizational bottlenecks and constraints are because of some process failure. But if we go deeper we will realize that this process failure is in turn because of the LFEAD of an individual, or a group or the management itself handling the process. It’s time to address the root cause of all the problems and not only address them superficially or narrowly.