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Iron, Steel, Ores & Mines

Unlock value and create a fertile organizational culture.

Oil & Gas

Strategic team exposed to DTB in the eastern region to lead the deregulated oil market.

Automobile & Auto Ancillary

To lead the present and future competition in the mobility market by addressing the bottlenecks and barriers.

Power & Infrastructure

To improve top-line and bottom-line by delivering projects before time reducing cost overruns and improving profits.


Facilitating the human integration after the merger of Air India and Indian Airlines.

Information Technology

To increase coping mechanism to take higher responsibilities

Banking & Financial Services

Improve performance especially in the area of marketing.


Encouraging small scale organizations to set up and grow in villages. Providing the strategic and tactical vision to scale it up.

Healthcare & Medical

Encourage innovation in the healthcare segment and provide low-cost but high-quality service.

Hotel & Hospitality

Assisting the GMs of Sarovar Hotels in Delhi to improve the key performance indicators.


Restructuring their business to scale up and diversify into new areas.


Enhance performance of players and improve team spirit to handle tough situations.

Retail & Distribution

Improve supply chain, brand, number of footfalls and sales.


DTB is a compulsory course for PGDM and PGEXP batches. ducted for deans, professors and students.

Children | Parents | Teachers

Train teachers and students to think clear and encourage them to find the hero inside.