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About Author

Santosh Sharma

Santosh Sharma is fondly known as the ‘Freedom Man’. He is the author of Dissolve the Box and started DTB Consulting to free individuals and organizations from their bottlenecks, constraints and traps caused by the Gang of 5 villains inside.

He is also the founder of Freedom Foundation to free individuals, families, societies and countries from the vicious cycle they are trapped in by dissolving their limitations.

Through the book Dissolve the Box, this new age freedom movement and DTB Consulting he is adding great value to individuals and organizations across the globe. His clarion call to the world is “Jaago, Khud ko Azaad Karo!” or “Wake up and set yourself free”.

Santosh Sharma is the recipient of the Star Citizen Honour 2013. He’s the cultivator of “Dissolve the box” and “Intent leadership”. Earlier he contributed to the automobile, consulting, banking, equity and aviation industries but life had more to offer. Santosh Sharma is now the Founder of Freedom Foundation and also a visiting faculty at the IIMs. He’s a CMA and holds a Professional Diploma in Management from the American Management Association.

He has a first-hand experience of both the worlds. As a child he grew up with a lot of constraints and had to supply milk to make a living at a very young age. His parent’s teachings are his biggest strength and it helped him come out of such challenges. On the other side he also saw the world of abundance when he joined the corporate but his love for freedom brought a twist in his life and he became the Freedom Man.


“Jaago, Khud ko Azaad Karo!”, which means “Wake up and set yourself free!”


“Identify and drive out the Gang of 5 internal villains called LFEAD for real freedom!”


"Reach out to 20% of the world by 2030 and at least free them from their LFEAD by 5%."