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The Big Idea

Most individuals and organizations across the globe create invisible walls and think traditionally “from the box” or their mental cages. The invisible walls are stronger, more dangerous and trickier than the visible barriers as we cannot even see, touch and feel them. These individuals and organizations keep struggling as they have low internal freedom. They become laggards.

Some who presently lead do so by thinking differently. They “think outside the box” to innovate, compete and grow. They are somewhat free from their mental cages and have more elbow room. New management ideas, leadership styles and different strategies have added value to the traditional organizations. But the big question is - Is it enough only to have more elbow room for tomorrow’s leaders and enterprises?

Let’s understand through this famous case: If you ask a crooked, shady and corrupt to think “outside the box” what will be the effect? Probably he will find out new ways to overcome hurdles and benefit from corruption as he still continues to think and act from the underlying platform of corruption as the new normal. He is not aware that corruption is a habit which he has picked up over a period of time and that it has now become his new identity. This is the preconceived notion from which he responds thereby limiting and polluting his real identity and potential.

It’s the same with individuals and organizations. We create our own invisible walls by the Gang of 5 internal villains and remain trapped in them. When we think outside of the box we are able to think outside of only the superficial boxes to give us little more freedom. The mental cages only become slightly bigger to give us more elbow room but we are still caged by the Gang of 5 internal villains. Our deeper boxes with whom we have unknowingly fallen in love still dictate us - just like in case of the shady person who could only become more corrupt and not reclaim his real identity. It’s here that a lot of value is still waiting to be unlocked for individuals and organizations!

It’s time to Dissolve the Boxes.