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International Growth and Leadership Foundation
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Presenting the mother of all management methods and strategies to unlock the bottlenecks.
Powered by the designing intelligence of 15,000 years and much more...influencing everything - individuals, civilizations, countries and corporates across the globe, guiding the present and shaping the future!

The Problem

We met with corporations and individuals across the globe and found out the majority of critical issues concerning them are:

  • Coping mechanisms are on the decline
  • Growth is under tremendous pressure
  • People are yet to express their inner intelligence
  • Organizational culture lacks fertility to unlock real value
  • Decision makers fail to see deeper, wider and faster into situations

Our Usual Approach

We think “Out of the box” to address these issues.

"Out of the box" solutions only divert the problem and do not really solve them. This results in bigger and trickier problems later. 

The Real Solution

Dissolve the box. Don’t just think out of it.
It’s intelligent, natural and relevant.

Break all barriers holding you back 
Become real and natural leaders
Create fertile organizational culture

By dissolving the boxes we create organizations that are:

Large but not bureaucratic 
Focused but not myopic
Specialized but not restricted
Efficient but not expensive
Disciplined but not disempowering and, best of all
Man-made but which mirrors natural organizations

“Dissolve the box” (DTB) is not one of those latest management fads that will just pass away. It is the basic fabric of management and creativity.

It is powered by Universal Intelligence which was, is and will remain a guide to change. It remains permament but causes all change to happen in a scientific way. We just have to realize it. 

The Tools

DTB ToolsTM are simple yet very significant, compatible and relevant.

They are created by a proper mix of management, science and social sciences. These tools are powered by the Universal Laws for a precise, sustainable and intelligent decision making.
DTB ToolsTM help in collecting relevant data and converting them into “active information” for taking decisions. They negate all ill-effects of the mental boxes that infect and pour into our decisions. DTB ToolsTM provide the “comprehensive intelligence” to lead.


GOLFCUPTM is a qualitative and quantitative measuring technique which enables individuals and organizations to measure the value addition from DTB ideas and initiatives vis-a-vis its cost. GOLFCUPTM helps in measuring the shift in the desired parameters from the original levels.

GOLFCUPTM is a scientific, effective and efficient measure for holistic change as it covers all the relevant dimensions for complete growth. 

G - Growth Parameters
O - Organization Culture Parameters
L - Leadership Parameters
F - Functional Parameters and Future Readiness
C - Coping Mechanisms 
U - UQ Matrix
P - Performance Parameters






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