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Dissolve the Box promises to be a good read. I am sure it will be effective in carrying your message across the nation and wish you all the success.

Sachin Tendulkar


It is a new approach to achieve the excellence in life.

C P Tripathi

VP – CSR, Bajaj Group

It is indeed, a great movement as you have rightly termed. One really needs to introspect the negative elements, which at times hold us back from achieving a smooth thought process. The book gives us a good insight in attending these negative elements. I will certainly share this copy with my team, and treasure one in my personal library.

Subhas Chandra

Chairman ZEE & Essel Group

Thanks for introducing us to the unique concept of ‘dissolving the boxes’. The book offers simple yet effective framework for better living.

Nimesh Kampani

Chairman & Managing Director, JM Financial Limited

It’s about simple solutions for a better and vibrant life.

Financial Express


At a time when most of us would like to credit ourselves with out-of-the box thinking, author Santosh Sharma has come up with a startling view. According to Sharma, it is no longer enough to think out of the box. A time has come when the boxes need to be Dissolved.